Ingve Simonsen

Professor of Physics


Office E3-129 (Realfagsbygget)
Phone +47 73 59 34 17
Fax +47 73 59 77 10
Address Department of Physics
NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology
NO-7491 Trondheim

Short Bio

I hold a PhD degree in statistical physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), a MSc degree in theoretical high-energy physics and a BSc degree in mathematics and physics both from the University of Trondheim, Norway. My "life in science" has brought me all around the world, and I have previously, in addition to Norway, hold positions in e.g. France, Germany, Japan, USA, Mexico, Brazil and Denmark.

Moreover, I have several years of industrial experience, and have done technical consulting mainly on electromagnetism/optics and computational science for multinational companies like Mitsubishi Chemical (Japan), Saint-Gobain (France), and Borealis/Sintef (Denmark/Norway).

Currently, I hold a chair for industrial reserach in Paris financed jointly by ANR and Saint-Gobain. In addition, I am a professor of physics at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. Before coming to NTNU, I was a research scientist with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique "CNRS" (French National Center for Scientific Research), working in Paris at the joint research unit between the CNRS and Saint-Gobain.

More complete information can be found in my CV.

Reserach Background and Interests

My research experience is rather interdisciplinary. It includes topics of statistical physics, like disorder systems, stochastic optics, and fractals; computational physics; complex systems, including econo-physics and the study of complex networks; geophysics; high-energy physics.

Currently my main research interests are found in optics and the physics of complex systems. A unifying theme for this research has been disorder; how it can be characterized, and how it influences the physical properties of the studied systems.

Of particular interest has been coherent effects in the scattering of electromagnetic waves from randomly rough surfaces. Rigorous computer simulation techniques have been developed in order to study such systems. Recently, we have been interested in how to design disordered optical elements that scatter or transmit light is a well-defined way.

Within complex systems, our interests have mainly been focused on random networks (e.g. the power transmission grid) and the study and modeling of economical systems (econo-physics). A primary concern has been how the local properties of a complex network influence the global structural and dynamical transport properties of the system. Inverse statistics has been applied extensively in various empirical studies of financial system. It recently resulted in the discovery of a new type of stylized facts for such system.

For additional details please visit my research page.

Selected publications

For complete publication list, please go here!

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