Searching for the Origins of Cosmic Rays

SOCoR, Trondheim 2009

The purpose of this midsummer workshop is to bring together physicists interested in high energy cosmic ray physics. Main emphasis will be given to the question how we can identify their sources and understand their acceleration mechanisms. The completion of the Auger experiment, the start of LHC, the launch of FERMI and many other activities promise new data of unprecedented quality or in a new energy range. Their interpretation already challenges existing theoretical models and requires new ideas in fields as diverse as high energy interactions, cosmic magnetic fields or particle acceleration.

Centaurus A

Topics covered:

  • Experimental cosmic ray data (spectrum, composition, anisotropies, correlations)
  • Sources (observations/modelling): AGN, GRBs, dark matter, others
  • Theoretical models & interpretation
  • Acceleration
  • Multi-messenger astronomy: Cosmic Rays-neutrino-gamma connection
  • Extensive air shower phenomenology, simulations, models, LHC experiments
  • Galactic and extragalactic magnetic fields


Email:    socor (at)

Scientific Organizing Committee

Pasquale Blasi (Arcetri Observatory), Michael Kachelriess (NTNU), Johannes Knapp (U Leeds), Guenter Sigl (U Hamburg).

Local Organizing Committee

Michael Kachelriess, Sergey Ostapchenko, Marius Solberg.